Application for
Van Schaik Bookstore Card


Terms and Conditions

Please take care in reading the terms and conditions below and tick the box to confirm that you understand and accept it.


  • I hereby consent that my credit worthiness may be verified with a Credit Bureau. I am aware that in order for my credit worthiness to be verified, my personal information and credit information may be requested from and/or shared with third parties, including (but not limited to) the Credit Providers Association and its members, for purposes of such verification.

  • Van Schaik Bookstore may at any future date again verify my credit profile. Should the results of such credit check prove to be unsatisfactory, Van Schaik Bookstore reserves the right to cancel my Van Schaik Bookstore Card.

  • Should I not comply with Van Schaik Bookstore’s payment terms and conditions, Van Schaik Bookstore shall be entitled to list me as a defaulter with a Credit Bureau. Van Schaik Bookstore furthermore reserves the right to institute appropriate action and hand any debt outstanding in respect of my account to a third party for collection. I acknowledge that I will be liable for any collection costs incurred at the collection agent in respect of such outstanding debts.

  • A minor or unemployed student must have the signature of the parent or guardian on the application form.

  • R20.00 administration fee will automatically be debited to the account.

  • The Van Schaik Bookstore Card remains the property of Van Schaik Bookstore. Any loss or theft must be reported to Van Schaik Bookstore within 48 hours. Should I fail to advise Van Schaik Bookstore, I will be responsible for any debt incurred through the loss or theft of the card. Replacement cost of card will be R20.00.

  • The applicant chooses the postal address reflected under account payee as their domicilium citandi. Any change to the account payee address information must reach us within 14 days.

  • Your application for a credit facility is subject to Van Schaik Bookstore’s credit assessment, approval criteria and conditions being satisfied. Van Schaik Bookstore has the discretion to approve or decline your application. Van Schaik Bookstore may request additional documentation from you to verify the information supplied.